The Ray Gun is a Wonder Weapon featured in every Zombies map up to date, due to its high popularity amongst players. In Dead Ops Arcade of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Ray Gun is fully automatic.


The Ray Gun


The Ray Gun is only available from the Mystery Box and Console Commands. It is highly regarded in Nazi Zombies, due to its ability to one-hit kill until rounds 18-21. It has a high ammo capcity for its damage, and has pinpoint accuracy. Its reload is rather sluggish and Speed Cola is recommended as it cannot be reload canceled. An interesting feature is that the Ray Gun is fully automatic; however, most players tend to fire it semi-automatically, due to it usually being a one-hit kill and to conserve ammunition.


When Pack-a-Punched it becomes the "Porter's X2 Ray Gun". It recives a 40 round magazine with 200 held ammunition, more damage via multipliers, and reduced splash damage.