"Hey Nikolai you hunted bears at home right? Well I think you should take this one."- Dempsey said nervously at the beginning of a Polar Bear round.


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What is it?[1]EditEdit

Polar Bears are one of two enemies who may appear as a boss enemy in Deep Freeze if the player has not yet accesed the Experimentation Room. It appears once every 9 rounds until the Experimentation Room has been accesed. They are similar to Hell Hounds only being able to attack a Player.


Polar Bears don't only attack similar to Hell Hounds they also look similar. The Polar Bear resembles a slightly decayed Polar Bear on the left side of its face. Bullet wounds can be found in the left eye of the Polar Bear along with stiches over the uncovered black skin. The skin is black due to hypothermia occuring. It is mostly white with a little bit of blood covering the face and upper chest. They are on fire due to experiments recieved by the scientists before its escape from the compound into the wild.


The Polar Bear was a regular animal until one day when he was shot point blank with a shotgun on the left side of his face. He was brought back to life using 115 and experimented on. One experiment was with the teleporter thus causing the flames similar to how the Hellhound recieved its. One day while being led to the test lab the Polar Bear broke free of its sedetation(likely due to the experiments building an immune system) and killed most researchers at the facility and accidentally releasing 115 into their bloodstream by clawing them. It then broke free of the facility.


One of its attacks is swipe where it swipes a claw at you. It takes two swipes to kil without Juggernog and 4 swipes with Juggernog. The other being bite. Bite is more powerful and will take you down in one hit without Juggernog, 2 hits with it. Bite only happens when a player gets right next to the polar bear and is shown as the polar bears head going down on you and tearing part of your shoulder. This of course does not affect any gameplay.


  • These are the only things capable of scaring Tank Dempsey. Possiblly because it is one of the largest and strongest enemy to date
  • Tank's quote at the beginninig of a Polar Bear round is a referance to a quote said when Nikolai gets a Teddy Bear from the Mystery Box "I killed bears 10 times your size in Russia".