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Experiment 9 is an enemy featured in Deep Freeze. It can only be encountered after accesing the Experimentation Labs and on rounds of 9(9,18,27). It is similar to the Pentagon Thief but also has some new features.


Experiment 9 is has an extremly deformed face with an open heart. It is grayish brown. It is 6ft tall with a somewhat beer belly.


Experiment 9 was an alien subject who was stolen from the United States base Area 51 by soviets before they released a zombie infection into the sector. It was being test upon by soviets but died due to a failing organ. To discover more about the alien phsiology and learn what organ it was the doctors began to cut an insicion. Sadly they never finished the atopsy due to the 115 outbreak. The Experiment was infected when the polar bear missed a scientist and slashed the right side of the face causing an infection, the loss of the right side of its facial features, and brain damage resorting it to using the simplest of attacks mostly based around instinct although occasionally it accidentally uses an attack that is higher up such as control. Due to a lockdown however the Experiment was trapped in the Experimentation Labs.


Its attacks include hitting the stealing of someones weapon the stealing of a perk, and control over a player through telekenises. The order this can occur is stealing of the perks to weaken the players, then stealing their weapons so it can more easily harm them, then it will attack you. On higher rounds however it will posses the player bringing them to him while he kills the player.


  • This creatures weak spot is the open heart which will allow you to kill him much easier.
  • Upon being harmed he will release any player under control.
  • The creatures open heart is a reference to Sniperteam82308's favorite series Resident Evil in which the first Tyrant the T-02's weak spot is the heart.
  • This creature makes reference to one of Daniel Smith's maps Area 51. That being where he was held.